John F Kennedy’s foreign policy: Bay of pigs invasion and the cuban missile crisis

Analytical and critical analysis of Kennedy’s foreign policy decision to support Bay of pigs invasion, the implications of such action. The role of groupthink within Kennedy’s inner circle. Comparison between the foreign policy failure of Bay of pigs and the foreign policy success during the Cuban missile crisis. Differences and historical context between the two events. What made the bay of pigs a failure and the handling of the Cuban missile crisis such a success. Please it’s a 25 pages paper and the topic is very broad, lots of information about it. The paper needs to flow and the reader be able to follow each argument. It needs an introduction and conclusion. No grammatical error or run on sentences. Please use in text citations, be critical of the failure of foreign policy decision making during bay of pigs, all the factors behind such decision, compare it to the success of the handling of missile crisis. It’s a college paper please cannot sound like a high school kid wrote it. Examine the consequences of each foreign policy decision in the global context, especially for Cuba.