John Martin

Using the outline and other uploaded references, please write a paper on John Martin
Aja Perkins
I. Life of John Martin
A. What started It All
a. How a painter emerged
1. Practice & Inspiration
a. Martin had 2 coachbuilders/mentors- one in London with Boniface Musso and the other in Newcastle where he learned heraldic painting.

(who? Define vocab term. Musso for what?)
2. Lifestyle
a. In 1806, Martin moved to London and married a woman named Susan, they later had 6 children.
b. Art became his lifestyle as he supported his family buy giving drawing lessons, selling paintings, etc..

B. Change
a. Martin went through good and bad things.
1. A Great Opportune
a. Chance of a lifetime- submitted a painting to Royal Academy two times. (what happened both times? Painting what & on what?)
b. He made an exhibition and William Manning wanted to buy one of his paintings. (which one? For how much? What’d he show at the

c. He studied perspective and architecture during his leisure time
2. Downfall
d. All in one year, Martin lost his parents, his young son, and his grandmother. (what’d this make him do?)

C. Reputation
a. Martin’s rise to Fame
1. Man’s Triumph
a. “Belshazzar” was Martin’s triumph painting, which was soon destroyed (how? By who? Why? What’d he do next?)
b. He was presented with several gold medals by roylaty (for what?)
2. Further Interests
c. Began experimenting and producing with Mezzotint technology. (expalian vocab word, produced 24 engravings)
d. He was presented with several gold medals by roylaty (what medals? For what artworks?)
e. Just like his brother, he believed in natural religion. (define vocab. How did he practice this?)
D. Later Life
a. Everything leading up to his death
1. New Skills
f. Turnt away from painting to became involved with inventions (what’d he plan and invent? London’s water & sewage problem.)
g. Started railway schemes and laminating timber.
h. In the 1840’s exhibited many works, including a trilogy of large paintings of biblical subjects. ( what were they of? Names?)
i. In 1853, Martin had a serious stroke that paralyzed his right side and soon killed him on February 17, 1854.

Vocabulary Words

Heraldic painting is a broad term, encompassing the design, display, and study of armorial bearings
Mezzotint technology Artwork presenting halftones. Deals with subtle gradations of light and shade, rather than lines, forming the image.
Natural religion religion, especially deism, based on reason rather than divine revelation.