Journal Rubics

ln Module Seven, you will be submitting your academic success plan in which you will create a time
management plan and discuss the social, motivational, and/or academic support strategies and
resources you will need in order to be successful here . All writing assignments, including this
journal, are assessed using an associated rubric For your Module Seven submission. the Project 2
Rubric will be used to assess your work. A fundamental step in preparing any written assignment is
to carefully review the rubric in addition to the assignment description so that you fully understand
all expectations and requirements for the assignment before completing and submitting your work.
To help you prepare for your project in Module Seven, we will take a closer look now at the Project
2 Rubric, which will be used to assess your paper submission. To begin, open and read the Project 2
Guidelines and Rubric, which can be found in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the
course. Examine the structure of the rubric and locate the “Critical Elements” (left side of rubric).
What are the critical elements of the rubric? After reviewing the critical elements, which critical
element do you feel will give you the least trouble as you work on your assignment. and why? Also,
which critical element do you think will be the most dificult for you to master, and why? Please
post a 2- to 3-paragraph journal submission answering the three questions above.