King Arthur and His Knights selected tales by Sir Thomas Malory, edited by Eugene Vinaver

The chivalric quest or pursuit of adventure by a knight in service of his king and the adulterous courtly love triangle are two

structuring elements in Arthurian romance. How do they compete to create tension and conflict in Sir Thomas Malory”s 1470 work “Le Morte

Dartbur” from which we have been reading experts in “King Arthur and His Knights”?
Answer the question above in an articulate, thoughtful, well-organized essay. Be sure to begin with a clear thesis statement, include

specific examples from the text to support your argument.

This essay is only covering the following contents of the book,

Merlin, Balin or the Knight with the two swords, Pelleas and Ettard, The knight of the Cart, and Lancelot and Elaine