Lab Report-Spreadsheet


At a very simple level, a DSS might just be a spreadsheet that allows the user to vary some of the parameters and see the impact this has on outcomes.
? for example, we may build a spreadsheet to support various investment decisions
? at a personal level, we could create a spreadsheet to model a home loan and see the impact on repayments of changing parameters like interest rates, principal size and the term of the loan. We can look at different mobile plan options and see how much it may cost.
? businesses often use spreadsheets in modelling outcomes as part of business case development for a range of proposals
o as an example, the University enters into agreements with offshore organisations to make its degree programs available in these locations – spreadsheets are used to look at the set of costs (fixed and variable) and to compare this to income in a range of circumstances (mainly student numbers per cohort, but also considering the impact of issues such as exchange rates, labour costs, wastage rates etc)
For this lab report, you will use a spreadsheet to model and design a solution to solve a problem for choosing a mobile phone deal for your granny. This is a small task, but shows you strengths of spreadsheet being used for everyday simple decision support.
Excel exercise
You are thinking of buying a new mobile phone for your dear old Granny. Being a bit of a diligent, you have collected call records for the last 2 years (see the spreadsheet ?granny?) and will use this as the basis for your decisions.
You have narrowed the search to three options as outlined below.
Not: in the file you will see the options
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