Learning Activity Portfolio


The writer to find 8 references
4 references for each part
the references have to be accessible and published in last 5 years and they have to be journal articles and academic as well
please follow the instruction and read the marking sheet
this is the task
Assessment Task 1 is undertaken in two parts. It involves reading and selecting to undertake one activity from each section of the Study Guide. There will be two (2) submissions for each of the dates provided.
Length: 600 words per activity so the total 1200 words.
You are required to explain the interrelationships between the role of leader, manager and change agent in a nursing context to an audience specified by you. For example it may be a group of politicians, nurses, multidisciplinary health professionals, people in general. You may use an example from your own practice to inform your discussion (such as Out patient Department OPT OR Emergency Department ED
Your explanations will:
? Clearly address the topic.
? Provide examples from personal experiences to explain meaning.
? Utilise current published nursing, leadership or health management literature to support comments.
? Demonstrate critical analysis of issues.
? Adhere to a word limit.
Refer to your marking guide for guidance on the expected quality of written discussion.
Part 1: 600 words
Reading 2.2
Shirey, M.R. (2009). Authentic leadership, organisational culture, and healthy work environments. Critical Care Quarterly, 32(3), 189-198.
[Please access this article through the Course Materials Database (CMD).]