Library Interfaces


Dimensions to address in the essay:
a. Search Interface, both basic and advanced.
b. Setting parameters of the search (limiting results by date, source type, etc.; specifying where your search terms must be found in all retrieved items)
c. Access to elements of the catalog record for an item, such as the subject listings, publisher information, physical description, etc.
d. Ease of linking to related sources, such as items other books with the same subject headings.
e. Identification of the location(s) of the item & its current availability (e.g., is it checked out currently, is it an e-book)
f. General reaction to the catalog interface (ease of use, aesthetics of its appearance, and any other aspects of its functionality that you perceive as significant)
Additional questions to answer in the essay: Which interface (Primo vs. Classic) do you prefer and why? Think of it this way: if the library were deciding which one of interfaces it would keep, and the other one would become permanently unavailable, how would you vote? Give three primary reasons for your choice.