Life Course Analysis

For this paper, apply psychosocial and developmental theory to describe the life course of Lynn Johnson from the UK documentary series

Seven-Up. Each subject is filmed at different life stages from age 7 until age 56. Utilize the film, Essentials of Human Behavior textbook

by Elizabeth D. Hutchinson along with 4 outsides sources to provide the theoretical lens for each section of the paper.

The paper should be sorted and titled as the following six sections:
Introduction (one paragraph) :Provide overall introduction to subject and your objectives for the analysis.
Middle Childhood (1.5-2 pages)
Adolescence(2-2.5 pages)
Young Adulthood (2-2.5 pages)
Middle Adulthood (2.5-3 pages)
Conclusion(1-2 paragraphs) wrap up final thoughts about the subject and discuss your own learning experience because of this writing


Each life stage section must describe the following:
a. Selected Theory for that life stage as it pertains to the generalized population; cite theory reference pertaining to that

developmental stage at least once.
b. The subject’s perceptions of his/her life at that stage, based upon his/her statements in the film. Also include your own perceptions

of the subject’s life situations at that stage, using both verbal and non-verbal cues taken from the film.
c. Your analysis of whether the selected theory for the chosen subject at that life stage applies, utilizing personal commentary to

discuss successes and limitations of theory as it pertains to the subject in the life stage.
d. Describe the primary issue at that life stage you think the subject would benefit from working on in counseling, based upon your

assessment of how they presented verbally and/or physically during the interview(s) conducted during that life stage.

Each life stage must contain content pertaining to above.

Personal Notes on film to include in the paper: Lynn Johnson struggled with an illness her whole life, I had a kidney transplant i’ve

dealt with illness my entire life and related to Lynn’s frustrations through out the course of interviewing as she was asked on several

occasions about it. Lynn Johnson died in 2013 and should be included.