linear programming model

CWD Oil produces two grades of gasoline: regular and premium. The profit contributions are$0.30 per gallon for regular gasoline and $0.50 per gallon for premium gasoline. Each gallon ofregular gasoline contains 0.3 gallons of grade A crude oil and each gallon of premium gasolinecontains 0.6 gallons of grade A crude oil. For the next production period, CWD has 18,000gallons of grade A crude oil available. The refinery used to produce the gasolines has aproduction capacity of 50,000 gallons for the next production period. CWD Oil’s distributorshave indicated that demand for the premium gasoline for the next production period will be atmost 20,000 gallons.a. Formulate a linear programming model that can be used to determine the number of gallons ofregular gasoline and the number of gallons of premium gasoline that should be produced in orderto maximize total profit contribution (5 marks)b. Graph the feasible region.(4 marks)c. Determine the coordinates of each extreme point.(3 marks)d. What is the optimal solution.(3 marks)e. Solve in excel using the template provided. (5 marks)