(c) Final paper. Students should choose an ESP teaching context that is of interest to them (e.g., Teaching English for Vietnamese Taxi Drivers). Students should (a) describe the context (i.e., identify key ESP features) and explain why it was chosen, and (b) design one class lesson and explain with explicit connections to the textbooks (readings from weeks 2 to 14) how the lesson demonstatesprinciples of effective ESP education.
The main body of this paper should be no more than 9 pages in length (the lesson should be included in an appendix; not the body of the paper). The paper will be judged mainly for content (i.e., accurate and sufficient description and explanation of ideas; appropriate application of information from course readings) and organization (e.g., sequence of and clear connections between ideas), but language use (e.g., grammar, vocabulary) and mechanics (e.g., spelling, formatting) will also be factors. Students should submit a hard copy and an electronic copy (via email). Also, students should post the lesson on the ENG404 blackboard site.
Required textbook : Developments in English for Specific purposes by tony Dudley Evan and Maggie Jo St john. You must connect to this book. Also you have to create a lesson plan which you will explain throughout this essay. Including the essay you must include the lesson plan to me as well as the essay.