COM 1102 Writing About Literature
Details for the Research Paper
Research Paper Due Dates:
Item (see syllabus for full details) Date
Request a different reading from your textbook with its film
No later than Sunday of Week 2
Topic proposal and three proposed sources Sunday of Week 3
Rough draft of your essay Thursday of Week 6
Final draft Sunday of Week 7
Your essay for this course will be a research paper in which you compare and contrast one of our
readings with its film version. Essays should be between 1,300 and 1,500 words, make use of at
least three credible outside sources, and be written in MLA format.
Topic selections are as follows:
Written Version
(All of these works are in The Bedford
Introduction to Literature)
Film Version
Shakespeare, William. Othello. (Choose
between these two films)
Othello. Castle Rock Entertainment, 1995.
O. Chickie the Cop, 2001. DVD.
London, Jack. To Build a Fire. To Build a Fire. BBC TV, David Cobham
Productions, 1969. DVD.
Hemingway, Ernest. Soldier’s Home. Soldier’s Home. Learning in Focus, 1977. DVD.
Faulkner, William. A Rose For Emily. A Rose For Emily. Chubbuck Production
Company, 1983. DVD.
Melville, Herman. Bartleby, the Scrivener: A
Story of Wall Street.
Bartleby. Parker Film Company, 2001. DVD.
Your comparison/contrast research paper should explore and analyze the similarities and
differences between the story or play and its film version. Your analysis should consider, but is
not limited to, any changes to storyline, characterizations, setting, and tone. It should also
consider whether or not changes to the original story or play are successful in the film version. If
the two versions are very similar with few changes, you can analyze whether the decision to
adapt faithfully was a sound one. You must use at least three credible outside sources in addition
to the story or play and the film. If you wish to select a different reading from your textbook with
its film version, you must request permission from your instructor no later than the end of Week
2. Topic proposal and three proposed sources are due by the end of Week 3. You must also
include an analysis of how each source will help you and how each is credible. Rough draft of
your research paper is due to the discussion board for peer review by Thursday of Week 6.
Research Paper Grading Rubric