1.0vid’s Metamorphoses have had a tremendous influence on the art,music and literature of the West.Explain,and give examples.

2. The views of death and the afterlife are different in the works of Lucretius,Marcus Aurelius and 0vid.Explain.

3. The Iliad and the plays of Sophocles show the effects of war on the participants. What are they,and inwhat way have they heled to explain contemporary problems.

4. What was the impact of war on the development of Athenian democracy and literature.

5. Trace the development and decline of Athenian democracy and the Roman Republic and their influence on American politics.

6. What is comedy,its origin and how do the comedies of Aristophanes and Plautus differ?

7. What is satire and how do the works of Petronius and Juvenal illustrate this genre.

8. What was the most influential work you read? give an explanation for your answer.

9. What are the differences between heroic and literary epic? How do the works oh Homer and Vergil illustrate these differences?

10. What has been the influence of the literature of classical antiquity on later generations? Give examples.