You should

demonstrate that you have read and
considered the literature. Your
response for each question should be
between 300 and 400 words. You may
type your responses into the textbox (if
you use the textbox, please be sure to
use the spell check function) or attach
Microsoft Word documents to the
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Question 1
Choose one poem from the reading
(Marlowe’s Hero and Leander, Ralegh’s
What is Our Life?” and Donne’s “The
Flea”) and discuss some of the major
themes in it that distinguish it as a
Renaissance work (based, of course,
on your reading for today).
Question 2
What did you find most fascinating in

the video you watched about the

Protestant Reformation? What effect

do you think the Protestant
Reformation might have had on the

people witnessing these events? What
effect do you think it has had on our
world in the United States?