Unit 6 Writing Assignment***BE SURE TO READ THE UNIT 5 AND UNIT 6 READING****
Write a 900 word essay, drawing upon at least three texts that we have read in Units 5 and 6. All reflections must be made in relation to the

literature we have read in those units. If you have any questions about the assignment please email your instructor before you begin. Discuss

the relationship between outside knowledge (gained through education and literacy) and self-knowledge (gained through experience). You should

answer the following questions throughout your essay.
In what ways do these forms of knowledge—outside knowledge and self-knowledge—complement each other?
In what ways are they in tension with each other?
MLA. Access the Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style guide –
Typed/printed, double-spaced, 1″ margins. Change them in “Page Setup” on the “File” menu.
Paragraphs indented 5 spaces at left; do not separate paragraphs by extra blank lines.
Quotations of 10 words or less should be integrated into the text; longer quotations should be indented 5 spaces at left and right margins,

single spaced, and set off from the text of the essay by a blank line before and after the quotation. Be sure to include verse numbers or line

All sources must be cited. Avoid citing college dictionaries, Wikipedia, or basic references such as the OED, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc.

Instead, use the text, discussion postings, lesson notes, and any sources accessed from GALILEO for outside reference.
Your essay should have a specific title – one that suggests what is the most interesting or important about what you have to say. It’s worth

taking a little thought over the title, not only because it creates the first impression of your essay; coming up with a phrase which

encapsulates your argument can help in focusing that argument. One popular strategy is to use a key phrase from the text followed by another

phrase of clarification.