literature review

Approximate word count included beneath each section

 No more than 1 side of A4
 To include: aims, reason for choice of topic, method of lit search, critical review of the literature chosen and implications for practice
 Leave this until last!!
300-500 words
Contents page
 Chapters
 Sub-headings
 Appendices
 References
 Bibliography (if used)
Not in word count
Introduction and background
 Reasons for your choice of topic including an overview of the main drivers for change– political, social, recent research etc.
 What is the current situation?
 Do you suspect there is a problem? Why?
 Some reference to the literature is expected
750- 1,000 words

Method of literature search
 Overview of databases used, search terms, “hits”, revised search terms, number of sources finally chosen. A table in your appendix may summarise this neatly.
 Sources of books and journals (no need to list them here!)
 Other sources e.g. verbal, local Trust policies, professional guidelines, Government documents etc.
500 words
Critical Literature review
 Critically review the literature related to your topic to evidence base for Midwifery practice
 Sources included in your reviewshould be critically and comparatively analysed in depth, identifying and discussing the emergent themes
 Evaluate evidence from the lit in relation to your local policies and practice as well as in relation to government policies
 Present a clearly set out picture of the conclusions drawn for practice – does practice need to change on your site or have you concluded that practice is indeed evidence based?
 Make it quite clear what you are proposing and how this will be implemented in practice
 Illustrations, graphs, plans, tools etc. may be included – may go in appendix
2000-2500 words
 Summarise the literature review, identifying clearly what the issue was that led you to search the evidence and how you went about it.
 Identify the main areas of practice that you have explored and summarise your literature review, bringing together the various aspects to give a clear picture as to how practice should now proceed
 Identify any limitations of your search / review and how these might be addressed especially highlighting any gaps in the current available evidence that may require further research
500-750 words

 Reference list
 Bibliography
 Appendices
Not in word count