Lives of the Saints

1) Pick ONE theme from Lives of the Saints (ex: justice, religion, betrayal, friendship, love, etc.)
2) Write a 2 page essay (500 words – double spaced, typed) arguing how this theme is represented in the story
3) You must have a proper thesis statement (ex argument: In Lives of the Saints, the theme of family is depicted through

………………………(list your points) please make your argument as clear as possible
4) Use proper essay structure – 5 paragraphs (Introduction, Body paragraphs, Conclusion – topic sentences, main ideas, point-

proof-explain in each body paragraph (include at least 2 in each body paragraph) – refer to our first Unit handouts about essay

writing for more info.
5) You must have a Bibliography (Works Cited page) – you should use other scholarly sources besides​ the text as well as – minimum

2, maximum 5 – ex: Google Scholar, other books to help your argument, online articles. YOU MUST INCLUDE proper in-cite references,

ex: (Ricci 49) – author (last name) then page number in the text (Lives of the Saints) in your body paragraphs.