“Living in Color” by RandyWoodley


After reading Woodley’s book “Living in Color” you will write a 4-page paper in APA format (with additional title and reference pages) that responds to the following questions:

The practice of Christianity in the United States has been influenced by prejudice and racism. What are examples of this throughout the text? Discuss some of the ways racism and ethnocentrism can be systemic despite people’s personal feelings. How might the Christian church work to eliminate this systemic racism?

At the end of the book Woodley points us to a deeper understanding of authentic cross-cultural communication. Spend time constructing a personal worldview statement of cross-cultural engagement. This might include: an articulation of a Christian perspective on culture and cultural diversity, a self-assessment of current cross-cultural attitudes, relationships, and interaction, and a set of purpose or goals for developing deeper, more effective cross-cultural engagement for the future.