Logic & Reasoning Final Project

Does being a vegetarian make you a better human being by caring about animals and the environment and are you any healthier than people who eat meat?

Thesis statement – Although animals have been consumed by humans for thousands of years but it is harmful to our health and the environment, unethical to treat animals as a food source, and they have the ability to feel emotions like us humans.

Main Point 1–Vegetarian protein processing causes more greenhouse gases than the meat industry, meat is not that damaging to our health as some would have us believe, and animals are treated ethically before and during slaughter.
Main Point 2 – Factory farming is damaging to our environment, the animals are treated unethically, abused and/or tortured, and meat consumption is detrimental to our health.
Main Point 3 – Animals are sentient beings, just like us humans, who have emotions and social connections, shouldn’t be massed produced for human consumption because of the devastating affects it has on our health and environment.


You will be writing about a controversial topic. Feel free to find one at procon.org. You need to pick a topic that involves a controversy, and research both sides of the issue. In your paper, you need to present a well-supported, neutrally toned argument for each side of the issue. Then, you will write an argument for the side of the issue that you agree with, explaining why this side is a better conclusion than the other side.
The paper should be about 3-5 pages, not counting the cover page or reference page. Be sure to double-space your text.
It is a research paper – since you are not an expert on both (or either) side of the issue. As such, it must contain in-text citations, and a reference page, showing the use of at least 3 resources.
It is suggested that your paper be composed of about 350 words supporting one side of the controversy;
• 350 words on the neutral argument for one side of the controversy;
• 350 words on the neutral argument for the other side of the controversy;
• 300 words stating your position and giving the arguments that support your position in some detail.
Do not include an abstract.
The paper needs to be written in APA format (except for the requirement about an abstract, since you don’t need one). This includes requirements about margins, spacing, title page, headers, etc. You need to cite all of your sources in APA format and include a Works Cited page as your final page. For more information on APA format, please refer to the Resources block within this course.

Should People Become Vegetarians. http://vegetarian.procon.org/