“Love and Beauty” or “Symbolic Love”


Objective: Analyze and interpret texts that engage conversation as a means of investigating and facilitating relationships, both with actual as weel as with imagined or believed interlocutors.
Requirements: A completed essay demonstrating clear,cohesive,as well as inventive ideas. Double-spaced, in 12pt Times New Roman font.MLA format,both in-text and on a separate Works Cited page.There are total three Sources from class.They are: "The song of solomon"in the Bible,<The book of The Lover And The Beloved> by Ramon Llull,Plato’s <Symposium>.Also you may use other sources,but required at least two from selection above, the other sources must be reliable and derived from the best possible source.
– Draw from notes taken in class and in the margins of texts read to begin sketching an outline for the piece of writing you’re embarking on.(Class texts are Plato’s "symposium",Ramon Llull’s "The Book of THE lOVER and The Beloved", and "The song of songs/The song of solomon" chapters in the Bible)
-Formulate 2-4 speculative questions that genuinely perplex you(e.g, The myth of love between human and divine).Choose 1 or 2 of these to guide you in your explorations.
-Select quotations that initiate a compelling new direction in your investigation rather than ones that you simply underscore a point already made. Make sure each quotation is as concise as possible,and integrate each author’s voice into your discussion by first saying something about either the author or the text or the reason you’re pointing toward this passage or some combination thereof.
-Demonstrate close reading as a tactic for analyzing a particular passage that intrigues you, imagining different ways that it might be interpreted before asserting a provocative interpretation of you own.
-Integrate at least one instance of contradistinction,exploring how one concept or another might have been otherwise
-Leave suitable time to check your prose for grammar and spelling
<Also you can come up with another Title>