Luxury Brand Management analysis: Porsche

Luxury Brand Management analysis: Porsche
This assignment will be assessed by means of a 2,000 ± 10% word report showing your understanding of key issues and concepts in luxury brand management and international events management.
You will be required to apply key theory, analytical techniques and innovative concepts relevant to your chosen brand and recommended growth strategy. This time you will also need to integrate international events management theory to propose a relevant event to support your brand’s growth.

The report should cover the following:

Main sections:
• Executive summary
• Introduction to the Brand
• Brand Analysis: [Including: Brand Identify, Brand Image, Brand Personality] Brand’s Identity Prism theory can be used here.
• SWOT Analysis and marketing mix 7Ps
• Recommended Strategy for Luxury Brand Development and Growth
• Proposal for International Event to support Luxury Brand Growth
• Summary of critical success factors for both the successful growth of your chosen luxury brand and the event taking into consideration contemporary issues within the luxury brand management sector
• Conclusion
• Bibliography
• Appendices with relevant further information

Other areas:
• An overview of the topics in question, including definitions where appropriate
• Evidence of additional research from sources outside of those given in the module outline, including academic and industry journals, online sources etc.
• Application of theoretical perspectives to luxury brand, including content on how the topic influences the success of the event

This report will be an in depth study into how your chosen luxury brands can effectively develop and grow. In addition, you will need to make a convincing proposal for an international event that will support the development and growth of your chosen luxury brand. It will help if you can summarise the factors that will be critical to the success of your brand and your event bearing in mind the contemporary context for luxury brands. The report should cover all the learning outcomes. This assessment will reveal the student’s ability to synthesise and communicate all aspects of the course/module content.