Machiavelli Vs Dietz (Who is right?)


This is a research paper of 10 full pages (not including the works cited). The book ‘’The Prince’’ was written by Machiavelli himself. In that one, he talks about how a prince should rule genuinely, be feared, have good intentions, etc… Dietz, the author of the article ‘’Trapping the prince: Machiavelli and the Politics of Deception’’ opposed to Machiavelli’s book because she believed that on it, Machiavelli does not conceive a world where a prince should rule genuinely but rather one where a prince rule badly. After reading about Machiavelli (PARTICULARLY some of the passages from his book The Prince, his biography, all on the internet…) and also reading the article from Dietz (whose link I included a bit below ) do you think Dietz is right saying Machiavelli’s advice in The Prince was bad? Why or why not? Who is right, Machiavelli or Dietz?
On this paper, in the first 2 pages of this assignment, you will focus on summarizing a bit of what the ”Prince” book is about and other sources of his principles of ruling like a prince, then you will mostly focus on summarizing the article of Dietz in another 2 pages. The rest of the paper, (which is the main purpose of this assignment) (6) will focus on your personal view point of who (Between Dietz and Machiavelli) is right, and who is wrong.