Managing Human CapitalAssignment(MBA)

The assessment for this module is 4000 words
Fleetwood and Hesketh (2010) were against the significance of HR functions on employee effectiveness. You are expected to critically evaluate this statement and justify your view by referring to relevant theoretical models and corporate related examples.
1. You need to undertake a thorough review of academic literature to support the stand undertaken
2. You should discuss and debate the links between human resource practices and organisational effectiveness and consider the proposition that HR practices can only play an ‘enabling role’. You need to ensure that relevant examples are provided to support your arguments
3. The Harvard referencing method should be applied throughout your work.Minimum reference required is 25,from books and journalsbetter NOT website.



• A table of contents
• A list of figures and/or a list of tables where appropriate
• Introduction (500 words) – 10 marks
• Literature Review (1600 words) – 40 marks
You are expected to refer to relevant and recent scholarly arguments to justify the significance of HR functions on employee effectiveness.
You are expected to support your view by relevant corporate level examples (give 2 examples, example1, 600 words + discuss 200words, example2, 600words + discuss 200words.)
• Critical evaluation ( 1400 words)- 35 marks
You are expected to refer to each HR function and critically assess their positive/ negative impact on employee effectiveness, using relevant corporate level examples. You will be assessed based on your ability to identify and deconstruct current wrong practices and synthesis and recommend a new practice for each given example.(give 3 examples)
Please note you can be against or in favour of each HR function.
• Conclusion/Recommendations (500 words)- 10 marks
• Presentation/References – 5 marks
• Appendices – (if appropriate)