Market Revolution

The major topics of Unit III are incredibly diverse. We begin with Jefferson’s vision for America and travel through the Market Revolution. Andrew Jackson then presents a vision of American Democracy which may or may not agree with Jefferson. As if this was not enough, we are subsequently introduced to the incredibly complex institutions of Southern society, namely slavery, and the efforts of various social reformers of the mid-nineteenth century to perfect this nation. This Unit culminates in the efforts to manifest America’s “destiny” through westward expansion and a war with Mexico. All of these topics are important to telling the story of America’s evolution from fledgling republic to continental empire.

While every event in history has importance that does not mean that they are all equally important. The specific historical processes you are seeking to explain (or simply having a personal preference for studying) can lead you to prioritizing historical processes, events, and people. In this discussion, I would like for you to tell me which was the MOST and LEAST important Video Lessons in Unit III for you to learn about. Please include specific details on why these “lessons” are so important (or not so important) to you in telling the story of American History during the time period covered in Unit III.

Please make sure your responses for BOTH the most and least important video lessons be a minimum length of one paragraph each.

This is the link

You’ll watch videos LESSON 13 TO 18.