Maximum length: 2000 words


(For details on how to analyse a case study please read Case Study 1 in your text on pp. 625 – 628.)


Your task for this assessment is to read the Case Study 2 – Apple Vs Samsung in your text on pp. 629 – 633. Based on your analysis of the case and other research you undertake through journal articles, other sources, etc., answer the following questions:

1.Provide a brief overview of the smart phone and tablet computer market worldwide. For example, you should identify some key statistics on sales, important countries of production and consumption, and global economic impacts.

2.Answer Questions 1, 2 and 3 from Case Study 2.

3.Answer Question 5 from Case Study 2.

4.Based on your discussion and recommendations for question 5, develop a print ad example for a magazine or newspaper publication for one of the countries Germany, the UK, Australia, South Korea and the United States as examples of these recommendations in action. You will need to choose a print vehicle particular to the country (for example in the UK you may choose the “Daily Express” newspaper with a circulation of around 432,000 and has a “life & style – Tech” section).


Your ad will need to be written in English.



Assessment Criteria


Executive Summary 15


Introduction to topic 5

1. brief overview of the smart phone and tablet computer market worldwide 10

2. Answer for question 1 15

3. Answer for question 2 10

4. Answer for question 3 15

5. Answer for question 5 10

6. 1 print advertisement 10

Correct referencing both in-text as well as in the reference list using APA Referencing; Professional presentation: no spelling or grammar errors, under word limit, English expression of a high standard 10

Total marks Reduced to a grade out of 40.