Marketing Story Analysis

This work is about Marketing Story Analysis. In other words, we need to find a related article, which is published in 2016 and we need to analyse it in every aspect of Marketing. The news story must be published in English and it should be about 1,000 words essay type analysis.
I am going to attach PowerPoint lecture slides that you will be able to see what areas we need to cover. This is extremely important because we should only cover those topics which are given in PowerPoint slides. Therefore, please have a look on them very carefully that we can make sure the assignment satisfies its requirements. Also please read in details a file called “Assignment N1 (Week 6)” in which they gave us detailed instruction for this assignment.
Referencing system must be as Harvard format and it needs to be at least two pages as we can see in the instruction. My university has an access to check if there is any plagiarism, so please consider that.
For this work I choose 10 days deadline but I can give you more time if you need it in order to make this analyse excellent.
And finally, I hope you will do your best and use all your experience. This work is incredibly important for me and this is why I decided to pay more and chose TOP writer in this area. I believe you can help me to get a high grade. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.