Mary Renault’s The King Must Die

Paper instructions:
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Your essay on Mary Renault’s The King Must Die should be between 1100 and 1500words. It should take the form of a traditional critical essay, with an introduction containing a thesis statement, a body in which you develop your ideas and use relevant quotations from the text (a minimum of five verbatim quotations is required) to argue your position, and a conclusion. Because this is a fairly brief essay, do not quote extensively from the text; use your five quotations efficiently to illustrate particularly important points you are making.

You will create your own thesis statement, but address the following topics in your essay: How successful is Renault in translating a mythological/legendary figure into a fictional character? What kind of a “hero” is Theseus in Renault’s novel? How does she present mythological and cultural events and characteristics in her novel? Is she successful in making the world of ancient Greece come alive for the reader? If so, how does she accomplish this not-so-easy feat? Does the reading of this novel enhance your interest in and understanding of Greek mythology and culture?

Under no circumstances are you to make use of outside sources in this essay. I am interested in what you have to say about this topic. Do not consult, quote, or include any secondary sources.