Master of Education Leadership and Management

Order type: Thesis/Dissertation ProposalSubject: Management

Regarding your topic approval the Research Committee has highlighted the below mentioned points.1- Topic is too broad to do a novel research.2- Need to include the research methodology a contributing new element either in qualitative or quantitative.3- Where would you collect the primary data?Title:?Matching Maldivian?Education Quality to International StandardsIntroduction?The quality of education in Maldives is considered as a critical policy challenge.?Apparently,?variety of sources attest to the weakness of Maldives’ education quality, with widespread advocacy for its improvements being made manifest.?There are low average scores, wide performance disparities between atolls, lack of skilled education and understanding that the teaching practitioners are not?only inadequate, but also comparatively underequipped.?However,?the government has?pursued successful measures in education connectivity, ICT integration, and capacity building, but the education quality is yet to meet international standards.??A deep study and comparison of the quality and capability of our education with successful countries should be made. Should adapt and even change polices and methods if required. Because health education leads to a healthy nation.Objectives:Investigate critical challenges facing Maldives education sector??till 2017Review?the existing models and theories adopted in informing education?management and leadership?policy?to international standards and their success level?Propose recommendations and on the manner in which the models and theories can be used for education standard improvement,Recommend polices in Maldivian?education sector?for meeting international standards education.??Methodology:??The study would employ a?non-empirical?thematic analysis/synthesis?approach of recently published articles on the above objectives. Major themes emerging from both qualitative and quantities peer reviewed?documents including?journals, books,?and as well international education standards’?publications.??Hypothesis:??The Maldives education sector can be advanced to international standards?by application of prevailing?knowledge?on education improvement.??Operational?definitions:??The approach applied by the paper (non-empirical) does not provide for?quantifying the variables that would be used for the research paper.?Thus,?the?operational?definition should be redundant.