Mauldin Mills Assignment

Read the two part story on Malden Mills. After reading, write an analysis that addresses the questions below.
1. Summarize the situation? What were the facts as you view them?
2. Identify and describe at least two separate ethical issues this case presents.
3. Who were the key characters (stakeholders)? What other stakeholders existed that were not immediately included in the story and why?
4. What could have the characters have done to mitigate the impact of the ethical/unethical outcomes? Provide several alternative

5. Which of these alternatives would you recommend and why?
6. Would your recommendation differ in Mauldin Mills was a publicly traded company in which you owned stock (ownership)? Why or why not?

Many of these questions parallel the ethical decision-making process found in your textbook (figure 2-2 on page 59 in the 3rd edition) and

so you should refer back to this process as needed.
This written analysis should be in paragraph format and include an introduction and conclusion. Be sure to use subheadings for

organization so that it is clear to me that you have addressed each area. It is important that you include your personal perspective on

the topic but equally important that you support it with key ethical concepts learned in the course.
Be certain to cite any outside sources used utilizing APA format (12 point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all 4 sides, citations

within the body listing the author’s last name and publication year, separate reference list on last page, etc.). Proper grammar,

punctuation, sentence structure and other writing essentials are expected. The goal is to thoroughly address the case rather than meet a

page minimum or maximum. Also remember that plagiarism will result in a zero for the effort and can result in stiffer penalties per

Clayton State University academic policy.