MBA Program internship report

Write a report about my project work during an “internship” for an MBA program. It wasn’t an actual internship but a hired temporary position in the industry I wanted to transition into. I was unsuccessful in getting an internship but I would like to use this “temporary” position as the substitute of an internship.
Requirement from the Program –
Project work: is about the activities you did during the project work (for example: marketing, operations, finance, etc…). This paper aims at examining in depth the theoretical and technical tools used (market research, financial analysis, human resources), organizational behaviors and to provide an analysis of the company’s resources and expertise in the specific activity.
Paper length: one paper should include no more than 5.000 words.
Font: Times New Roman,
Text size: 12 pts
Line-spacing:1.5 (one-and-a-half)
# of sources – I had to choose an amount on this order form but I leave the actual amount to your discretion.