Media Article-UK based only

Choose a MEDIA ARTICLE focusing on young people; critically analyze the ways in which the mediaarticle reveals adult conceptualizations of youth on behalf of the author and other adults. Use your critique of this article as the starting point for an exploration of the representations of young people in 21st century society and the impact that these representations have upon their lives.

Within your argument you must draw on selected key themes explored within the module and use relevant academic sources (texts and peer reviewed journals) to support your discussion.


MEDIA ARTICLE : must be UK based


These are the example of media article from UK… Fears-cycle-disdvantage-one-ten-children-taken-care.html


Questions and approaches to assist:-

• Are the view of the author negative or positive?
• What leads you to this conclusion- are young people ‘other’ within text?
• Is the discussion focused on specific groups at ‘risk’ or ‘dangerous’?
• What kind of implications might these adult perceptions have for the lives of young people?
• Have I listed these references and used harvard referencing?
• Have I drawn on my wider reading from this module, especially academic journal articles?