This is the final paper for our film class. the request of the paper is : Papers are evaluated in terms of their responsiveness to the assignment and to the material presented in class and in the readings, the logical coherence of their arguments, their quality of organization, their rhetorical sophistication, as well as their adherence to grammatical conventions. All papers should reference specific sources and be presented in MLA (Modern Language Association) or Chicago Style format. Outside research is essential. You can access numerous books and articles on film in the Luria Library.
i want you to write about the movie “Memento” direct by Nolan 2000.
i want you to follow this structure to write
1.introduction, must include the thesis statement
2.narrative structure
3 order of event and the plot
4 production design
5 mise-en-sence
6 cinematography
7 acting style
8 editing of the film
9 sound
10 conclusion
each point in the body paragraph include the analysis
sources no more than 8