Mention what a card is and tell what kind of card you will be using for your essay. It can be race, gender, etc. Make sure to use figurative language. Include advantages and disadvantages.


To be a card carrying member of a group means you belong
in some way
, either figuratively or
literally. People often “play the
ir card”
to their advantage and s
ometimes being a member of a
particular group has its disadvantages.
everal idioms
help illustrate this
idea, such as: having a
card up your sleeve (
a secret plan), playing one’s
cards right (
working or negotiating
playing a

trump card

using one’s most powerful or effective strategy or
For this essay, you are to explore the
various aspects involved with
being a member of a
group and include the advantages and
disadvantages a
ssociated with that membership
Group membership can include gender, race, families, clubs, organizations, political affiliations,
religion, etc.
You can choose several groups or stick with one. Be sure to include plenty of
and include figurativ
e language