MGT310 – Operations Management – Q4-Q5

Order type: Research PaperSubject: ManagementAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: APA
Please answer Part A and BPart A (700 words)New technologies, systems, market changes and trends have resulted in changes in how organisations offer their products and services. This in turn has resulted in the typical Operations Manager reviewing their approach to draw up strategies, plan, monitor and control projects and processes. They need to be abreast of these industry trends and drivers, and be innovative. Examine the following imperatives and explain how they impact on the modern day Operations manager:•The Information Revolution and Supply Chain Metrics•Increased servitisation•Incorporation of Business Ethics•Increased use of modern technologies in the work place(Research and personal observations can be included. Use examples and illustrations where appropriate. For example, Current issue in Operations management, 10 Strategic Decisions, Strategic for competitive advantage or Deming’s Fourteen points.)Part B (Limit your answer to Part B to 750 words)Discuss how you will be able to use the Simulation Methodology in the following areas:• Project Planning –in determining the critical activities or the project duration