Microsoft Project

The Microsoft Tutorials are highly recommended to help you create a Microsoft Project Schedule for
your Personal Project Schedule
0 Create a MS Project Schedule fictitious
0 In your main post= describe your project and how you decided on tasks and relationships.
0 The schedule needs to have at least 30 tasks in Project and have at least 10 relationships between tasks. A
relationship is a link between tasks (i.e. predecessors). In addition, you should have at least 5 summary tasks. You
also need to have 4 milestones.
Personal Project Schedule Rubric
Number of tasks 15 Tasks 30 Tasks
Relationships 0 Relationships 5 Relationships 1 0 Relationships
Summary Tasks Summary tasks not 2 Summary tasks created 5 Summary tasks create
0 Milestones Created 2 Milestones Created 4 Milestones Created