Modern Cannibals of the Wild

Analyze the way Basil Johnston uses myth to support his argument against the greed of
capitalism in “Modern Cannibals of the Wild”

Take Home Essays must be typed, double-spaced, in APA format and must contain a complete
list of sources page in APA format. This is due in week 11.
4. Essays must be a minimum of 800 words long.
5. If you are writing a compare and contrast essay in block format, your essay can be four
paragraphs long. All other essays must be five paragraphs long.
6. Essays must refer to the primary text (the story/stories from the text book) and a minimum of
two scholarly/reliable secondary sources (your external references.).
All essays will be graded on the following:
I. Demonstrated ability to analyze stories in relation to thesis statement.
II. Ability to use secondary sources in an informed and scholarly manner.
III. Mastery of writing skills: structure, grammar and mechanics.
IV. Correct format.