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please read the case study and answer the given questions straight away from the case study without looking online, that means there will be no references.
state the mission and vision of the company and talk about it like saying your opinion.
after answering the questions, please write 2 or 3 recommendations to suggest as a consultant.
if any of one of the questions has no answer in the case study please write ” this information is not found in the case study”

the questions:
1. Vision and Mission: State and critique the company’s vision and mission.
2. Strategic Goals: What are the company’s strategic goals for the time in which the case is written?
3. Strategies: What strategies is the company currently using to achieve its goals? (The strategies should be labeled according to Porter’s scheme). Are they working? Why or why not?
4. External Assessment: What is the environment in which your company operates? Is it local, regional or international?
The General Environment
a. What are the economic forces in this environment that could impact the company?
b. What are the social and demographic forces that could impact it?
c. What are the political, legal and governmental (regulatory) forces that might impact it?
d. What are the environmental factors in the company’s environment?
e. What are the technological forces that could impact the business?
The Specific Environment
a. Who are the company’s customers? Where are the company’s customers? What are their demographics and buying behaviors?
b. Who are the company’s suppliers? Why were these suppliers chosen by the company?
c. Does the company have access to the professional expertise and labor it requires to reach its objectives?
d. What about the competitive environment? (Use Porter’s five Forces Model to analyze the company’s competitive position.)
Opportunities and Threats: Using the information you have gathered through the external analysis, summarize the company’s opportunities and threats:

1) the opportunities presented by the general and specific external environments,
2) the threats presented by the general and specific external environments,
3) the company’s competitive advantage(s). Give your reasons for identifying the threats and
opportunities you did.
Organizational Strengths:
f. Describe the organization’s culture. In what ways does the culture help the company to achieve its objectives?
g. What are the resources and capabilities that are either owned by the company or available to the company that gives it a competitive advantage over its competitors?
h. What are the company’s core competencies? e.g.,What does it do particularly well?
Organizational Weaknesses:
a. Are there ways that the culture makes it difficult or impossible for the company to reach its goals?
b. What are the company’s disadvantages compared to its competitors? Does it have access to enough resources (people, expertise, raw materials, money, distribution channels, etc.) to be able to reach its goals?
c. Are there weaknesses in the company’s ability to operate smoothly and efficiently?
Strengths and Weaknesses: Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. What strengths enable it to compete and reach its goals? What weaknesses do hold it back?

5. Recommendations: What are the specific long-term objectives you recommend for your company and what competitive strategies do you recommend they use to reach them? How much will these strategies cost? (estimate) Compare your recommendations with what the company is actually doing in the case and explain why your objectives and strategies are better.