Multimodality Analysis

Multimodal analysis, 2000 words (not including Part 1 or reference list)
The goals of this assignment are to provide you with an opportunity to:
– apply the tools of multimodal discourse analysis (MDA) to a multimodal text
– explore the relations between language and other semiotic resources as they are used together to make meaning in a text.
Part 1. Look at the verbal text on p.3 of the attached handout. Identify the genre and the stages of the text. Your analysis should be in a table with the name of the genre in the top row, the text in the left column, the stages in the right column, and a new row for each stage, as shown in the example analysis below. (Note that the completed table is Part 1 – there is no need to write anything more for Part 1.)
Part 2. Write a commentary on the complete attached text (p.4). Your commentary should be a systemic-functional multimodal analysis of the text, and should be based on (and structured according to) the ‘pedagogical grammar of multimodality’ we have built in Genre, Discourse and Multimodality (see readings for week 5, and 7-13) and which is given on p.5-6 of the attached handout.