Musculoskeletal Conditions


For this assignment, you are required to complete a critical review of the literature related to your chosen topic
Objective 2 – Implement the research plan
Objective 3 – Analyze the results of the project implementation
Re-fresh your memory regarding the selected topic for your assignments.
Implement the search strategy you developed in selected two databases.
Select five (5) high quality and relevant research papers published within last 5 years. Where it is not possible to find research papers within last 5 years, you can use older articles (up to 7 years old) as long as you provide adequate justification for their inclusion.
Critically analyze selected papers and develop the Table of Findings.
Discuss the findings and implications for practice.
Download the Assignment 2 template provided in the Assessments folder and use for this assignment.
FORMAT: Your assignment must be presented in the Assignment Template provided.
Your assignment must adhere to the following format criteria:
Use the Assessment 2 template provided. DO NOT RE-FORMAT THE TEMPLATE.
Length should be 2000 words. Word count excludes references.
Work must be 1.5 line spaced and in font size 12.
The Assessment template has the following sections that you need to address:
Introduction [400 words approximately]: Include background and importance of the topic, and research question with brief description of PICO; and overview of the implementation, appraisal and discussion of the 5 papers.
Implementation and Appraisal [300 words approximately]: Report how you implemented the search strategy, including other criteria that you used and/or any refinements made to your original appraisal criteria.
The search strategy string should be attached as Appendix 1. (Include: / inclusion/exclusion criteria, search strategy, databases searched, keywords, languages and inclusive dates of the literature searched).
Table of Findings [500 words approximately]: Summarise each of the selected research papers ? as per sections in Table.
Discussion [500 words approximately]: Summarise the main interventions/ issues discussed, the overall main findings, and identify any existing gaps in knowledge or practice.
Ensure you make clear the implications for nursing and nurses.
Ensure your discussion focuses on your research question and research findings and whether or not you would/would not change your practice as a consequence of what you have found. Discussion should be supported by relevant additional literature/references.
Conclusion [300 words approximately]: This should not be a summary/repetition of the findings. Clarify the contribution of the review to existing knowledge, outline future research, report implications/recommendations for practice/research/education/management as appropriate, and consistent with the limitations.
References: present on a new page and use correct Harvard
Appendix 1: present on a new page and include the search strategy string you used to search two databases
Use the provided table for the search string, include wildcards and boolean operators for search string.
Use PICO format in structuring literature search.
Include authors and ur conclusion as a writer.
Include country where study was conducted, and Critique the 5 MAIN peer reviewed scholarly articles.