Museum assignment

Part 1 – Introductory Information (7 points)
1. Date of 2-D/#-D art visitation (1 point)
2. Name and Address of Museum/Gallery Site (1 point)
3. Attach a ticketstub or proof of attendance (current gallery brochure). This can be a scan or photo
wazgt;c(l)1;chnufzackboard. Do not lose the proof of attendance or the museum assignment
4. Describe your general reaction to the museum/gallery. Where is it located? Is there more than one
bu1ld1ng? D1d you feel the locat1on/setting is appropriated for artwork? Describe your general
reacttinn to the sett1ng in one or two carefully considered paragraphs. Retype the question. (5
pom 5
Part 2. OWritten Evaluation of the art object (53 points)
1. Title of the art object (1 point):
2. Name of the artist (lpoint):
3. Year/s the art object was completed (1. point):
4. Identify and describe the medium/s and the process or technique use by the artist to make the art
object (do some personal research if necessary). (5 points) 1 paragraph
5. Please respond to each of the next set of questions in one or two carefully considered paragraphs.
If any of the questions are not fully understood, refer to either the textbook or the instructor for

i A. Briefly describe the art obj ect’s actual environment or setting (the room it is in, the wall it is
on, the lighting, the colors of the room, the works of art it is next to, or is it alone, etc.) and
describe your. general reaction to it. (5 points) 1 paragraph

B. Write a very clear and precise objective description of the art object itself. Discuss its color,
line, formal arrangement and composition, scale, size/dimensions of the work, shapes, light,
shadow, etc. Do not interpret or make any subjective conclusions about what you see. Simply
describe it explicitly. This should “be at least 2 paragraphs. (15 pomts)

C. In two paragraphs, explain why you selected this particular art object. Describe what
characteristics it possessed that drew you to it. What was interesting about its subject matter,
style, elements of art, or principles of form. (15 POMS)

D In 2.3 well thought out paragraphs, describe and explain what was or is the art object 3 t

ma e
purpose or function. Please refer to the onhne lecture 1 for dirlelctiontand us: £1163 gpgip
terminology. Why was the piece created, how does 1tfit1ntolt if]; 3?th was the

o o o ‘ ’ ‘ . , 1
produced 1t(aesthet1c, polltlcal, rellglous, hlstorlcal. practlca) a Y
significance of its existence? (10 pomtS)

Part 3 – Overall Personal Reaction and Composition (5 questions – 40 points total)
This part is subjective. Describe and explain in your own words the content and meaning of the art object.
Write about your personal response to the an Object. your thoughts and feelings, your interpretation of the
meaning or message of the art object by responding to the questions below.

1. In your opinion, what is the art object’s meaning or message, its content? If you are confused
about his question, refer to the course textbook for clarification. (10 points) one or two carefully
considered paragraphs.

2. What aspect of the art object did you enjoy the most and why? (Spoints) 1 paragraph

3. What aspect of the art object did you enjoy the least and why? (Spoints) 1 paragraph

4. Was the art object as a whole, thought-provoking; how or why? (5 points) 1 paragraph

5. Compare and contrast the art object that you chose to another art obj ect found in the same place
(make sure you include title/artist/date/dimensions of comparison plece). How does it compare
(give several examples of similarities and differences) in terms of subject matter, content, style,
etc. This should be in paragraph form and at least three ara hs. (15 pomts)