Music Collecting Societies and Collective Sports Licensing in the EU and the USA – Is the EU’s Building Block Method or the US’ Rule of Reason is the best approach?


This is a practice focus dissertation not an academic dissertation. Therefore descriptive academic issues and history need to be exclude as much as possible. I will upload my dissertation proposal for the writer to have the idea and insight about the direction.
The dissertation has to demonstrates the following outcomes;
1 Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and critical awareness of current issues or developments at the forefront of professional(law) practice in the subject( In this case, it is competition law and with licensing and copyright so Intellectual property law as well),including market considerations and risk( This is extremely important as student tend to fail because just did and present academic issues but the dissertation is practice focus so the dissertation has to focus on the commercial effects in the music collecting and sports collective society regarding, comparing and contrast the the two different doctrines/system ( which one from eu ,one from usa)on competition law. Work out your own opinion on which system is better and the trend of those two areas refer to those different competition law doctrine/system, then discuss about what is the effect.( How business react to the trend in those two fields? How lawyers react or how is the two legal systems react to the trend?)- Can be further discuss how to do it between the writer and me on the structure of the dissertation. Here i provide is the brief ideas.
I will need the writer to provide me on of the headings and sub headings before he start the writing in order to confirm it is the correct structure and directions.
i will need as much things on the bibliography as possible but there is no fixed amount or requirement.
Proper references is needed either on the footnotes or bibliography. I will attach a sample of dissertation, please follow the format of footnotes and bibliography. The content of that sample is irrelevant so just need to aware on the referencing method.
This is a commercial law course, so bear in mind do not present purely law issue or business issue. we need both. i do not need you to describe the law too much or the legislation too much. one of the candidates spend great proportion on describing the two different system or competition law history of usa or eu, he then fails. use as much cases to support the argument as possible( both business case or legal case). Bear in mind this topic cover both usa and eu, so do not dominate content on any side.