Naming and Defending Favorite Production

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FINAL PAPER RUBRIC:Your final assignment for the term is to turn in a 3-5 page paper (double spaced in 11-point font), naming and defending your favorite production (the production you think was subjectively the best) from this term. You may use comparisons to other productions we saw during the term, and you may use theater productions you’ve seen independently to compare and contrast as you defend your choice.Be sure to include the following concepts:An evaluation of the play from all aspects we’ve been discussing this term (Intention, Script/Direction/Performance, Design & Production, Audience Experience)Discuss the concept of “willing suspension of disbelief” and how it does or does not factor into your choiceAll in PhiladelphiaShow #1: YOU FOR ME FOR YOUSHOW #2: HAPPY BIRTHDAYSHOW #3: THE ARSONISTSSHOW #4: AVENUE QSHOW #5: THE MASSIVE TRAGEDY OF MADAME BOVARY