National Bank of Kuwait Business Concept Proposal


Firstly: Our chosen organisation is the National Bank of Kuwait. I will also attach power points of our work so far in this unit regarding the National Bank of Kuwait. This proposal is the next step in our project.
This project proposal is about us trying to get funding for our idea. We haven’t thought of what we want to do exactly but have some ideas on our powerpoints.
as for our financials, It is expected most projects would require seed funding in the range of $250,000 to $1m.
The examples will help you understand our project though it is an Australian paper where the currency and everything is in Dollars.We need our currency and everything to be in KWD (Kuwaiti Dinars) so the funding would be 250,000 KWD to 1M KWD.
A lot of research is required and coming up with ideas.
I know there is a tight deadline so ignore these pages:
-Unit Cover Sheet
-Cover Page
-Table of Contents
-Appendix 1 (The Project Team)
NOTE: there will be two examples attached, focus on the example named "Sample 1 Woolsworth.." This paper received a B mark. the other one just a passing mark.