National Security: Policy and Strategy


Order type: EssaySubject: CriminologyAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: Harvard
Choose Question 22) Historically, what have been the main points of difference between theAustralian Liberal Party and Australian Labor Party’s approach to nationalsecurity policy? What explains these differences?Structure• A title that captures the essence of the work rather than providing crudeprovocation or showing off.• Introduction (~350 words): a presentation of the issue and puzzle, thetheoretical context, the general line of reasoning, and the structure of theessay.• A few main sections, each with a title of choice that concisely reflects thecontent (about 2 to 5 sections, all in all some 2,000-2,500 words). Each sectionshould discuss part of the leading thesis; theoretically, empirically, or incombination. Each section should be guided by clear and distinct set ofconcepts, arguments, and logic. Finally, each should also reflect, in your ownwords, your interpretation, application, and insight concerning the theoryand its relationship with the data.• Conclusion (~350 words): should include the findings in a ‘nutshell’ (a briefoverview of the most important points of the essay), the gained insight, andthe potential gain for further/future research.Requirements• This assignment must be fully referenced. Any of the main referencing styles(e.g. Harvard “in-text” or Oxford “footnotes”) is acceptable. If you areunfamiliar with referencing, please ask your tutor. Alternately, students maywish to use the journal International Security as a style guide.