Negotiation and Relationship Management

Tutor-Marked Assignment 02
January 2018 PresentationCOR171 Tutor-Marked Assignment
This tutor-marked assignment is worth 40% of the final mark for COR171 Negotiation and
Relationship Management.
The cut-off date for this assignment is 2359hrs on 20 April 2018
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3. The word limit for each question is 500 words.
The Facts
Miki and Junior are former classmates who bonded during their time in university. After
graduation, the duo started “MJ” together, which is a company that deals with event
management, with Miki dealing with clients and Junior being the creative force behind the
events. Although the intention was to be equal partners in the venture, Miki soon started taking
a more prominent role in the company, and as MJ become listed on the local stock exchange,
she has been named CEO while Junior still listed as an ordinary director.
Perplexed with how he is being seen by the public and his own staff, Junior has been speaking
with “Vision,” a rival to MJ, about potentially joining them as their Managing Director. Starved
of and eager for recognition, Junior has decided and given his verbal agreement to join Vision.
However, unbeknownst to Junior, a local reporter has caught wind of this situation and
published an article online, causing Miki to find out about Junior’s intended move.
The next day, Junior tries to explain the situation to Miki, who refuses to speak to him. Junior
feels disrespected and tells Miki that she is “being a princess and has always had been so
arrogant and obnoxious since University.” In a fit of anger, Miki calls Junior “weak” and will
tell everyone she knows, including all their staff, that Junior is “useless.” Miki even says that
Junior has been a lousy and incompetent director of MJ, having failed in his duties (even
though she has no basis or real evidence for saying so). Upset, Junior that claims that Miki has
driven him out of the company because she did not give him credit on the recent “Lights!”
concert (even though, he knows it is a small issue). Thinking that there is no way to resolve
this, Miki offers to buy out Junior’s shares in MJ, but only offers to pay $0.20 a share despite
each share being worth $50 a share, using the reason that the shares held by Junior are worthless
because they belong to him. Eventually Junior loses it and claims that Miki will hear from his
lawyers, before storming out the door.
Junior is heartbroken at the entire situation. He did not mean for his long-time friend and
partner to find out about his intended move to Vision through an online article; he had wanted
to tell Miki in person. Despite his longing for recognition, Junior treasures Miki as a friend and
has no intention of upsetting her. The truth is that Junior feels that he wants to show the world
that he can do well out of Miki’s shadow and be a successful businessman in his own right. In
his grand 10-year-plan, Junior had always thought that Miki and he would be able to work
together in the future, even after he leaves for Vision. As the more creative of the two, Junior
also feels that a move to a different company might be better for his development. What Junior
has also not told Miki is that he is also determined to keep a promise to his terminally ill
grandmother to try heading a company on his own.
On her end, Miki feels disappointed because she has always treated Junior as a close friend,
and hopes to remain friends despite the situation. In her mind, she has always felt that MJ was
started with the intention for both of them to do well in their respective fields. Miki had taken
the initiative to lead the company, eventually becoming CEO and having the company listed
on the stock exchange, because Junior had seemed uninterested in that side of the business.
Privately, she knows that Junior is inherently talented, and MJ would not have been able to
soar to its current heights without Junior’s inputs. In fact, Miki is aware that clients come to
MJ because of Junior’s unique skills in event management. Given the situation, Miki is
concerned that MJ will be affected, and that the company may not do well without Junior. She
is also concerned about maintaining the respect and recognition of clients and staff (who are
here for Junior) and potentially losing them.COR171 Tutor-Marked Assignment
Question 1
Identify the interests of the parties in the case above:
(a) Miki; and (10 marks)
(b) Junior (10 marks)
Question 2
Identify and explain the negative negotiation tactics used by Miki and Junior.
(30 marks)
Question 3
Apply the appropriate countermeasure to each of the negative negotiation tactics identified in
Question 2. (For example, for XXX tactic, the countermeasure is YYY etc)
(50 marks)