Provide the introductory and background on the management challenge noted in week one for the research project. Why was the nonprofit organization founded? What is the mission and what is the type of structure? How does the structure of the nonprofit support its mission? Your introduction and background should be at least 3 to five pages in length (not including the cover and reference pages). Be sure to synthesize and integrate at least two scholarly references. The paper should be in APA (6th ed.) format.
Now that you have developed the introduction and background, construct the problem statement for management challenge for your chosen nonprofit organization
Prepare the literature review. Using information from scholarly, peer-reviewed data, construct a 3-4 page literature review. Ensure that references are in cited in-text and are in APA (6th ed.) format.
Based on the information you gathered and discussed in your literature review, write a 1-2 page summary detailing the available alternatives for the identified management challenge for your chosen nonprofit organization. Ensure that the summary is in APA (6th ed.) format.
Now that alternatives have been determined, write a one pager discussing the best alternative for your chosen management challenge. Also, prepare the conclusion section of your paper. The conclusion should be at least one page. Be sure to summarize key points noted within the text. The entire paper should be in APA (6th ed.) format. Submit the final draft of your paper by the due date.
Compile a reference list of at least 8 to 10 scholarly references. Be sure that the reference list is in APA (6th ed.) format. Submit reference list in Moodle by due date.

Prepare annotated bibliography for the references list. The annotated bibliography should contain an introductory paragraph. Use your APA manual for proper formatting the annotated list. The submission should contain a cover page.