Nursing health care issue related to health policy or health care economics.

Nursing health care issue related to health policy or health care economics.
Advocacy Project Paper
2) ADVOCACY PROJECT PAPER: (30% of course grade) –
Issues in health policy and health economics paper

Identify a nursing or health care issue which relates to health policy or health care economics. State the issue in neutral terms. For example:

the need for legislation related to child safety seats/restraints or the need for school nursing.
The first page of the paper should introduce the issue and provide details of the issue and pertinent literature
The second page of the paper should contain all major “pro” arguments supporting the issue.
The third page should contain “con” arguments disagreeing with the issue.
The final page should include a paragraph supporting your views after consideration of the “pro” and “con” arguments. It should be brief

analyses of your best argument.
There should be a reference page which includes, at least 5 current, scholarly and evidence-based references cited in APA 6th Edition format.


5% -Issue is important to nursing health care and the health system of the United States.
6% – Arguments are persuasive in the pro analysis.
6% -Arguments are persuasive in the con analysis
5% – Conclusion is based on logic and not simply one’s passion.
3% – References should be current and evidence-based. Include copies of references in the folder
5%- APA style, rules of grammar must be used. This includes, but is not limited to – subject and verb agreement, sentence structure, appropriate

capitalization, appropriate punctuation, no misspelled words and evidence of proof reading.