Obesity: Interventions to reduce and prevent obesity in adults
ADN 150: Foundations of Nursing

Written Assignment – Obesity: Interventions to reduce and prevent obesity in adults

• Each student will write a well written paper in APA format. Please review the latest version of Purdue Owl and follow the guidelines on writing a paper in APA format.
• The paper should be 3 -5 pages’ long. This does not include the title and reference page.

1) Introduction

2) Research supporting the significance of obesity in the United States

3) Epidemiology

4) Summary –
This section should include but is not limited to the following:
a. Why do people become obese?
b. Definition of health (i.e. what does it mean to be healthy?)
c. Culturally-based health practices regarding obesity

5) Recommendations (in other words, specific nursing actions/interventions) such as:
a. How would a nurse communicate with patients who are obese? Give examples using evidence based practices.
b. What specific health practices would you incorporate in your care for these patients? Give examples. Using evidence based practices.

6) Conclusion

7) References (a minimum of three). The articles must be from a nursing journal; they need to be research articles. Articles should be dated no later than 5 years old.