Oliver case through play therapy lens

(support with peer-reviewed articles no older then 10years)
Focus is on the updated case portion, and research the particular trauma involved. Considering our discussions in this course about unique issues

related to particular types of trauma, analyze those issues for oliver case. Then write about how you would prepare and follow through on treatment,

including the following:
-Explain your rationale for the use of play therapy in this instance.
-Identify any legal and ethical issues that are likely to arise in this case.
-Compare and contrast two possible play-therapy interventions for this child and family.

Grading rubric:
-Analyzes a particular case of childhood trauma, using professional literature that focuses on play therapy applications, and cites specific research

conclusions to support the analysis.
-Identifies legal and ethical issues when working with special populations, and impartially considers conflicting evidence or other perspectives.
-Compares possible play-therapy interventions for a chosen child and family, and explains the pros and cons of the interventions.
-Communicates through writing in a professional manner, and provides logical, substantive messages anchored in recommendations from contemporary,

evidence-based research.

Oliver :

8 year old male

Heritage: Anglo, no heritage reported
Spirituality: Methodist, practicing (Foster family)
Presenting Symptoms: Injuring animals and aggression (hitting and kicking other children)
Strength Areas: Loves to run, and engage in large motor skill activities like kung-fu; likes to be read to, and can be physically affectionate although

at times can be inappropriate
Developmental: Significant developmental delays in all areas (18-24 month delay)
Diagnosis: NA
Family of Origin: —-
Mother: Removed from home at 17 months
Father: Removed from home at 17 months
Caregivers: Foster Care: Clyde and Mary
Siblings: 3 foster care siblings
School: 2nd grade, SED classroom, public school
Socio-economic Status: Working class
Interests/Hobbies: Runs very fast, cooks
Pets: None
Other: Oliver was removed from his home when he was 17 months old due to severe neglect, abuse, and possible sexual abuse. Both of his parents were

using drugs, including his mother during her pregnancy with him. This is his 4th foster placement and there is a family who wants to adopt him. Oliver

has met them recently and his behaviors which had been stabilizing since his arrival in this home 8 months ago have deteriorated. Recently Oliver was

discovered trying to drown a kitten. He has begun to hit and kick when he feels angry, which had basically dropped away until discussions began about

the adoption.
Jack and Sheila, the couple who are seeking to adopt Oliver, are moving forward with their plans to do so. They are being seen with Oliver in pre-

adoption counseling; Oliver has been seen in individual play therapy, and he is making progress. Jack and Sheila have been married for twelve years;

they lost a child to stillbirth nine years ago, and are eager to do what they can to help Oliver heal and grow. They grew up as neighbors, and are both

very close to their families. The entire extended family is eager to help as they can. Jack is a school teacher and coach; Sheila is a school secretary.

They have had some experience as foster parents to other ‘troubled’ children, understand the effort this will take, and are willing to do what it takes

to raise Oliver. They are very active in their church as well.
Adoptive Mother, Adoptive Father, large extended adoptive family

Oliver is now 11 and he is doing well in a special education classroom for severely emotionally disturbed children. He also has been diagnosed with

learning disabilities. In spite of these ongoing challenges, his adoptive parents and their extended family’s efforts have paid off well. Everyone is

keenly aware that Oliver may always require special supports, but all things considered, he and the family are thriving.

Suddenly, last week, a tornado hit, and their home was demolished. The family has moved in with Jack’s brother’s family, and they actually have a suite

over the garage, enough space to handle housing the family for a while. The family dog perished in the tornado, a dog that Oliver loved and often sought

for comfort after rough days at school. Oliver has been having a very rough time, hiding under tables and weeping inconsolably. They have called in for

some help about how to help Oliver, and themselves, through this natural trauma.