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Methods, Analysis of data and Discussion 50 marks
Presentation and structure 15 marks
Please use 12 point Arial with 1.5 spacing
I will send you the literature review and my survey data but you have to have to test hypothesis whether match with my literature.
I will send the original questionnaires to you. 2.In the highlighted parts in the attached file are not the main hypothesis. ( it’s some of hypothesis that I think its possible. if you think it’s not right. You can change rewrite them in accordance with the survey and data provided. You can change hypothesis and manipulate with the figure. It depends on you I don’t mind whether the graphs or tables. To test hypotheses, analysis of variance, we only used the excel to do it. You can use the excel and use pivot the table Ps. You’re allowed to use simple English and use your own words in the essay. I will send you the original file of my questionnaire soon.