Operation Management in Airline


The report should be in the below order:
. Air line management
2.2.1.Operation in Airline management
2.2.2.Ten critical decisions
2.2.3.The role of operation managers in Airline sector
2.2.4.Inventory in Airlines
2.2.5.Material resource planning
2.2.6.Purchasing and procurement
2.3. The correlation between operation management and AIR Line management
3. Identify case study that can be implement the operation management
4. Conclusion
The report would focus on analyzing the current operations management system of Airline system and suggest ways to improve the operations management system to achieve the business/ organization goals more effectively.
The report should cover the following:
1. Define the output of the organization in terms of business goals that are sought to be achieved.
2. Describe the current operations management system and analyze the operational capabilities, given the current system
3. Discuss existing problems and weaknesses in the current operations management system.
4. Discuss how the operations management system needs to be reoriented to be able to achieve improvement in meeting the business goals.
5. Discuss how the suggested changes should be implemented.
This report already has first part which I completed, this part was include :
Operation management
Definition, Characteristics of goods and services, Operations and supply chain processes, Sale provision cycle, Sale, Production, Supply chain, Operation management and System theory, Productivity and multi product productivity, Operation management and Distribution channels